Streamline Mechanical provides resources and expertise to efficiently coordinate the procurement, set-up, maintenance and dismantle of a wide range of temporary facilities to support remote industrial projects and/or emergency relief efforts.


We have worked with all major manufacturers of modular trailer complexes throughout western Canada – ATCO Structures and Logistics, BRITCO, Horizon North, Mod Space


We have installed various temporary facilities to industrial clients on developing projects. Facilities and services have included:

  • Procurement and complete set-up of modular trailer complexes for temporary offices, control rooms, lunch rooms or workforce housing.
  • Installation of required sewer, electrical, communication and gas services for modular trailer complexes and other relocatable structures
  • Construction of required foundations and the construction/installation of tents and re-locatable structures for use as warehouses and maintenance facilities.
  • The supply of sewage holding and water storage tanks and buildings (500 to 8,500-gallon capacity)
  • Supply of sea-cans for secure on-site storage*
  • The construction and placement of site signage and steps and landings for office complexes
  • The placement and compaction of aggregate for Site lay-down and parking areas
  • Obtaining required permits for temporary facilities
  • Fuelling and maintenance of plumbing and carpentry installations associated with temporary on-site facilities
  • Civil works required prior to placement of temporary facilities
  • Temporary construction vehicle wash stations
  • The supply and maintenance cleaning of portable toilets
  • Winterization and maintenance services for temporary facilities
  • Complete dismantle and/or salvage and demolition services


Sample Projects:

  • Saline Creek Lodge – Installation and Dismantle
  • CNRL Horizon – Mechanical camp Installation
  • Rio Tinto – Kitimat KMP Camp Dismantle
  • Firebag – Voyageur and Caribou Camp Dismantle
  • Kemano BC – 155-Person Work Camp Installation
  • Petro Canada/Fluor – Fort Hills North
  • G8 Temporary Accommodations Facility – Huntsville Ontario
  • Cree Burn Lake Lodge and Barge Landing Phase 1 and 2
  • Kearl Oil Sands Project Main Plant Site – Maintenance Services