Snow Removal and Sanding

We provide in the winter snow removal and sanding services.  Our company in around the oilsands, north of Fort McMurray takes care of the snow clearing of roads, parking lots and industrial areas. Our services include the supply of salt / sand mixture and mechanical sanding of parking lots.  Our services tailor to our customer’s needs.  No matter the time of day, we provide great response times, while we aim to maximize efficiency.  We have a large crew of manpower and fleet of equipment that can handle any snow emergency.

Dust Control

Our company aims to deliver exceptional road maintenance solutions designed for all of your dust control needs.  We always work on while keeping in mind your unique environmental needs. We are experts in dust control and can understand the nuances in climates, regions, and other unique issues in order to create your site-specific dust control plan, speak with one of our dust control experts.

Road Maintenance and Grading

We can take care of all your road maintenance and grading needs.  We restore your driving surface and drainage attributes of your road by performing road grading using one of our graders.  By cutting the road surface and filling in with material moved across the road with the help of our equipment, we remove potholes, washboards, and other irregularities.

Walkway Maintenance

Walkways can be affected by moss, salt, oil, chewing gum, footfall, algae, overhanging trees, and harsh winters.  Regular walkway maintenance can protect them and expand their lifespan.  We provide walkway maintenance services by applying coatings, cleaners, and sealants if necessary.


A clean environment is important in both residential and commercial environments.  We provide janitorial services performed with professionalism, skills, and expertise.  Wheather you need residential or commercial janitorial services, our team can deliver exceptional results.  We set a high standard in cleaning services for our customers.

Sewer and Water Hauling

Our company provides effective well site and oilfield services. We can handle everything from waste disposal to portable water delivery.  We also offer sewer and water handling service for virtually any need in and around the Fort McMurray and Oilsands areas.


We provide dewatering services that meet the needs of our clients in an environmentally safe process and in a cost-effective way. Our company specializes in earthworks and civil works, HDPE pipelines and pumps installation, pit dewatering services and flat plastics fabrication.  We can perform various works such as package installation, maintenance upgrades, shutdowns, emergency repairs, and assist in various aspects of pit dewatering, plant pipework, bore field and pumping for mining and engineering companies.


We offer hydrovac digging and excavation services that use non-traditional methods.  This non-destructive digging process is performed by injecting pressurized water and using a vacuum system in order to dig out problems.  The process is also faster than the traditional excavation process and minimizes damage to existing infrastructure and pipes. Hydrovac has applications in slot trenching, debris removal, potholing, excavating in tight spaces, cold weather excavation, and pole setting.

Equipment Hauling

We provide equipment hauling services to your chosen destination.  We strive to provide great customer service and customer experience.  We pride ourselves when it comes to respect for our clients, their time and their costs.

Material Management

We provide material management services, being able to supply your building products such as bearings, abrasives, filters, cutting tools, lumber, lab supplies, spare parts, and metals.

Signage and Barricades

We provide signage and barricades needed to protect yourself when you work near traffic.  A crucial part of any job is the proper use of signs and barricades.