We have the latest equipment for virtually any project that you need equipment for such as temporary buildings, temporary complexes, compressors, containers of all different sizes and uses, dozers, excavators, fleet of half ton trucks, fleet of 3/4 ton trucks, fleet of one ton trucks, fleet of deck trucks, fleet of pick trucks, fleet of SUVs, fleet of vacuum trucks, fleet of winch trucks, Fork lifts, fusion machines, generators, graders, laser levels, light plans, loaders, man lifts, Packers, rig mats, skid steers, snow cats, water storage units, sewage storage units, trailers, trenchers, mobile vehicle wash units, welders and many more. This is not a piece of machinery, tool or container that we don’t have or can’t manufacture on site.


Streamline is committed to ensuring the safe and efficient operation, inspection and maintenance of all vehicles and equipment owned and/or operated by Streamline. All equipment and vehicles owned and/or operated by Streamline are operated, inspected and maintained in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, manufacturer specifications, Streamline requirements and industry standards. Streamline has an established preventative maintenance program that is documented within our written Vehicle and Equipment Operation, Inspection and Maintenance Program. Maintenance is tracked using Collective Fleet computer software.


Preventive maintenance consists of scheduled servicing, inspections, and vehicle repairs to prevent potential problems and maximize vehicle and equipment utilization. Preventive maintenance is used to proactively avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns and is based on time, mileage, engine hours, or gallons of fuel used. Preventive maintenance actions include inspection, lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, testing, repair, and/or replacing worn parts.

All Streamline employees and contractors using Streamline tools, equipment and/or vehicles are responsible for adhering to the requirements of Streamline’s Vehicle and Equipment Operation, Inspection and Maintenance Program. All employees are expected to obey all manufacturer specifications, applicable safety rules, recommended practices and procedures established by Streamline and to inform supervisors of any unsafe working/operating conditions.

All Streamline tools, equipment and vehicles shall be inspected at pre‐use by their operators to monitor wear and tear.


Our established mobilization process ensures all vehicles and equipment are mobilized to site with the required safety equipment and in good operating condition. Streamline requires all vehicles and equipment that are mobilized from one location to another to receive an outgoing inspection (prior to mobilizing). Our preventative maintenance program allows us to effectively plan for major repairs prior to possible breakdowns. However, in the event of an unexpected breakdown, we have key critical parts available at our shop located north of Fort McMurray and we maintain positive relationships with local suppliers. Records of all repairs and maintenance are completed and maintained for review and approval.