Streamline Mechanical offers extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of civil works.  Projects have included the construction of roads, pads, snow storage facilities and tank farms and the installation of underground services (sewer, water and gas) and supporting infrastructure (lift stations, hydrants, manholes, etc.).  Work activities have included clearing/grubbing, excavation, backfill, compaction, gravel surfacing, rough and final grading and topsoil placement and re-vegetation.  We have an experienced and trained project management team, equipment operators and well-maintained equipment to complete quality work safely, on schedule and within budget.


Trenching and Excavating


Among other services that we offer an excavating contractor is just another service that we offer in Fort McMurray. Since we have all the equipment (excavators, dozers, etc.) required to move dirt, dig holes, haul clay or whatever you need, there is no excavating or trenching project that we can’t handle for you.


Tank Pads


Streamline also constructs tank pads for refinery tanks. Many times tank pads require a sloped grade on soil compacted exactly to engineering specifications. Streamline will place synthetic liners beneath the pad and construct the berms around those pads in order to ensure there are drainage systems throughout the berms that might be required.  Whatever the specifications required for tank pads that you may need, Streamline will make it work.


Retaining Pond Construction


Whatever the purpose you may need a retaining pond constructed, we have the equipment, expertise and know how to build it perfectly to specification.  Just give us a call and we can quickly put together a quote for you.


Deep Underground Service Installation (sewer, water and gas, including lift stations, manholes and hydrants)


If you are looking for deep underground service installations of sewer, water, gas or other services, we are the company for you.  Over the years we have seen everything and have learned a few things along the way.  Give us a call to at least get a quote going so you know how much something like this would look at costing.

A few other specialties of Streamline are as follows:

  • Rough and Final Grading
  • Winter Exploration (Ice Roads, Clearing and Grubbing, Lease Construction and Roll-Back)
  • Road Building
  • Pad Construction


HDPE Pipe Fusion


Streamline offers extensive knowledge and experience with HDPE pipe fusion from 2″ to 24″ pipe diameters. We have experienced fusion technicians and well-maintained equipment to complete any fusion project.

Project Examples:

Shell Albian Sands TRSU Tailings Line (2009)

Supply labour, supervision, tools, equipment and consumable materials to fabricate sixteen 29.3 metre (m) long 24-inch HDPE Flanged Pipe Spools and one 27.7 m long 24-inch HDPE Flanged Pipe Spool.

Kearl Oil Sands Project (2009)

Directional drilling and pipe fusion for road crossings at

the River Water Intake Site.

Various Other Projects

Streamline has successfully executed various projects involving HDPE pipe fusion for a wide range of applications. Additional project examples can be provided upon request.

We operate various types and sizes of fusion machines and related equipment.

Please contact us for our equipment rates and availability.