We believe that the success of our company depends on our people. Promoting training and education and creating growth opportunities within the company are important to our future success. Contributions of each employee are acknowledged and recognized to promote performance excellence at all levels.


Streamline has been successful in maintaining long term employment from a large majority of our workers and staff. We have several attributes that have enabled us to be successful in bringing our seasoned workers back and retaining a highly skilled team:

  • Providing continuous work in various locations
  • Providing quality supervision and management who are personally committed to the success of the company and the individual workers
  • Being flexible with work shift scheduling and providing time off and extended periods of leave with rehire for those that are coming to work from long distances
  • Offering competitive wages
  • Providing employee incentives
  • Treating employees with fairness and respect
  • Ensuring workers take pride in their work and are commended for a job well done
  • Engaging our workers in projects and future work to show stability and ensure a vested interest in the company and the work we are providing
  • Creating advancement opportunities within our company
  • Providing professional development to workers to help them further their career opportunities and develop within the company
  • Working as a team, treating our workers as family and ensuring they know they are valued

Streamline Mechanical typically employs the following types of workers:


Trade Number of Workers
Plumbers/Pipe Fitters 16
Refrigeration Mechanic 1
Operators 48
Mechanics 8
Labourers 94
Carpenters 2
Electricians 1
QA/QC, Project Controls 2
Administration 14
Management 17
Foremen 23
Streamline Mechanical is able to provide expert service with impeccable response times for service calls and road maintenance for snow removal prior to the regular workforce arriving to site in the morning. We are able to provide these services due to the onsite location of the work camp where these workers stay. Workers maintaining the roads on site are able to ensure safe conditions prior to anyone arriving to site for work by checking the weather and starting work at 02:00 a.m. to ensure the roads are clear. There is also snow removal of camp walkways to ensure the safety of the workers exiting the camp.The response time to sewer/water and heating/furnace service calls is efficient depending on the identification of the problem. Our plumbers/gasfitters are readily available throughout the night for service calls. This is especially important in the winter because response times needs to be immediate to avoid freezing. 

Streamline Mechanical is a building trades union contractor with agreements with

Local 488 – Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 955 – Operators, Local 92 – Laborers, Local 8 – Sheet metal and Local 1325 – Carpenters.


Current Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team, please forward your resume to mailto:apply@slmltd.com