Streamline manufacturers above-ground sewer and water holding tanks ideally suited for the construction industry. Each tank is constructed of quality material using superior craftsmanship. With a low profile and rigid construction, the tanks are durable and easy to relocate and install at a variety of locations. The tanks are designed to eliminate the need for the on-site installation of heat trace and insulation typically required for conventional polyethylene tanks.

Tank Construction

  • Each tank is equipped with a steel skid for strength and durability and toe and lifting hooks for easy transport.
  • The outer shell is constructed out of 26-gauge metal with a 1 1⁄2” thick polyurethane foam core. Together this panel has an R12 insulation rating making it suitable for most weather conditions.
  • A pre-formed 1⁄4” thick polyethylene liner is placed inside the outer shell. The inner, leak-free liner is rugged, impact resistant, and manufactured using resins that meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water.
  • A Heat-line 120 Volt/15 Amp, ground-fault equipped, heat trace is placed in a continuous coil between the liner and outer shell of the tank bottom. The heat trace prevents liquids inside the tank from freezing and is equipped with a pilot light to indicate the system is on and functioning correctly.
  • The lid is equipped with twp 15” man-way access lids.
  • Each tank comes with a variety of inlet options and can be built-to-order to meet your requirements.
  • Water storage tanks can be equipped with a pressure-on-demand pump, eliminating the need to have a stand-alone pump and pressure system on-site. With its low profile and one 240 Volt/30 Amp electrical connection, it is very easy to install and operate. The pump box is equipped with a temperature controlled electric heater to protect it from freezing temperatures.
  • Tanks are designed to hold sewer or water. Use of the tanks for any other purpose is not recommended.
  • No design or performance failures have been observed at temperatures as low as -35C .
  • Each tank is affixed with instructional and warning labels to aid in installation. Each tank must be installed as per local codes and requirements.
  • All tanks can be ordered with high and low-level alarms.
  • Outer flashing can be ordered in a variety of colors, customizing it to your company’s requirements.