Streamline is a Canadian company based in Sherwood Park, Alberta. For over 30 years, it has been an industry leader in providing site maintenance and mechanical services to energy companies. The Company has a recognized brand name and reputation for top quality work and an industry leading safety record. One of the company’s high profile projects was the construction of the facilities to host the 2010 G8 World Leaders Summit in Huntsville, Ontario.


Doug Bach established the Company in 1980 as a plumbing and heating company in the Edmonton area. His son, Justin Bach joined the firm in 1991. Through Doug and Justin’s vision, it has become a premier provider of site services to national and multinational corporations in Alberta’s energy sector. The projects, which can take as long as five years to complete, have been located anywhere from Ontario to British Columbia, including the North West Territories.


The Company’s focus on providing high quality work to the industry has developed a customer base of blue chip companies, such as Suncor, Cenovus Energy, WorleyParsons, ATCO and Fluor to name a few. The Company has differentiated itself from the competition through its safety record, quality of work, diversity of services, responsiveness, flexibility and tailored solutions to its customers.

Health and Safety

We believe that the main characteristic that defines Streamline Mechanical as a safety leader is a culture of workers actively caring for one other. We encourage every employee to believe in the idea that our safety program belongs to them and that it’s not just a set of rules, but rather, a program that can only exist and thrive with visible, active leadership, worker engagement, commitment at every level and active caring by all.


To meet our client’s needs, Streamline is flexible and just the right size to manage scopes of work that we take on. With larger contractors, it can be frustrating to overcome internal processes to get a project completed. There are so many moving parts, it’s difficult to have the quick approval needed to make fast decisions and keep the project going. We know these processes can slow the project, having a detrimental impact. Streamline’s size allows for maximum flexibility, adaptability and efficient responsiveness.

Well Established

For over 40 years in business, we have established ourselves as a leading service provider. Through experience, we understand the challenges in our industry and the obstacles that our customers must overcome to manage risks and ensure their business success. Streamline’s established processes offer added value to with our established management, reliability, and expertise.

Diverse in Service Offerings

We all know that there are multiple challenges around securing all the site services needed for a project. Some projects require multiple scopes of work completed, while others may only require a few initially but end up needing much more further into the project. So you end up having the dilemma of trying to hire a contractor that can meet your immediate needs but can also be flexible enough to perform unforeseen needs at a later date. We are proud to be this contractor that offers a broad range of services so that you don’t have to waste time, energy and money securing multiple contractors.


With our wide range of services offered, we bring the greatest value to a single point. Where our customers may normally have to use several contractors for various services, they can get all jobs they need to be done through Streamline.