Our Commitment to Aboriginal and Local Communities

Streamline Mechanical is committed to creating positive relationships within Aboriginal and other communities that we work in, through consultation and decision making policies that maximize the mutual economic opportunities and enrichment of these communities. We feel it is of paramount importance to respect and accommodate wherever possible the unique social environments we conduct business in.


The success of local communities depends largely upon local opportunities. It is important that these opportunities are not taken away. We ensure these opportunities via several avenues that include but are not limited to:

  • Consulting with local Aboriginal and Community groups regarding the impact on their community of projects we are involved in with a view to jointly mitigate any negative impacts and ensure positive collaborations
  • Seeking out Joint Venture opportunities with Local/Aboriginal Business’
  • Assisting Aboriginal business’ with developing Safety, Environment and Quality Policies and Practices to ensure they meet and/or exceed regulatory, client/owner standards
  • Seeking opportunities to have Local/Aboriginal Suppliers and Service providers enter into specific project supply contracts whenever practical and cost effective thus ensuring all materials, services and other products are purchased from within the community
  • Ensuring employment opportunities are posted in areas most likely to generate Local/Aboriginal applicants
  • Assisting Local/Aboriginal people with skills attainment required for work on projects in their area by directing them to viable training/learning programs and providing work opportunities while they train/study
  • Ensuring our employees are trained to understand and work positively within these unique social environments by enrolling them in Aboriginal Awareness Programs and other Community Awareness Programs as necessary
  • Implementing Peer Mentoring Programs on projects to assist workers newly introduced to the construction industry, or new to the particular position they now hold, within the project work force